World Famous Spinel-Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial Crown

Red Spinel has been mistaken for a very long time for ‘Rubies’. World famous ‘Rubies’ in ancient times have now been identified as spinels.

The “ Black Prince’s Ruby” is a crimson-red gemstone set in England’s Imperial State Crown which is displayed in the Tower of London. It is believed to be mined from Afghanistan and the same is polished and octagonal in shape.

This majestic gemstone is first recorded in fourteenth Century in Spain. It was owned by succession of Moorish Kings and Spanish Kings. Thereafter, this gemstone was received as a payment for a victory in a battle by Edward, Prince of Wales, the “Black Prince”. Form there onwards, this Spinel gemstone has survived for centuries and has become one of the centerpieces of British Crown Jewels.

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