Yellow Sapphire from Ceylon

 Yellow Sapphire is a species of Corundum which include other varieties such as famous Blue Sapphire, Padparadscha, Ruby, Pink Sapphire and White Sapphire etc. Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are found in a variety of color saturations from light yellow to golden yellow and dark tones of mandarin, orange and deep orange as well. The best colors are considered to be golden yellow and orangy yellow with vivid saturation.

Yellow Sapphires are considered to have miraculous properties and are worn for wisdom, prosperity and good health. It is also birthstone for the month of September and the zodiac gem for Virgo. Yellow Sapphire has become the best alternative for Yellow diamond. It is a top choice for engagement rings as the center stone due to their great variety in shades and cuts.

The Ceylon Sapphires are famous for its purity as they do not contain green color similar to Thailand and Australian variants. Therefore, Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are renowned for its best Yellow Color out of other gemstones from other parts of the world. Local term for Yellow Sapphire is ‘Pushparaga’. Yellow Sapphires are found in most of the parts and mainly found in Balangoda region in Sri Lanka.

Sometimes Yellow Sapphires are heat treated to increase the color and clarity of the gemstones. Gemstones which accompany certificates indicate whether the gemstones have been treated or not. Natural yellow sapphires with golden vivid yellow color are highly priced and the prices escalate with the size of the stones. Further, natural stones with no inclusions are rare and fetch higher prices.

It is always advisable to purchase your gemstone with a certificate and from a trusted dealer.

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