Are your Gemstones Natural?

All our gemstones are genuine and 100% natural gemstones. We do NOT sell man-made, synthetic, lab grown or artificial gemstones. Most of our gemstones are mined in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) which is a popular destination for colored gemstones and especially Sapphires for centuries.

Are your gemstones certified?

All of our gemstones for sale accompany a Brief Gemstone Certificate from an independent Gemstone Laboratory. All Gemstone Certificates are displayed and viewable with each gemstone for Sale and you know you are getting exactly what you expect.

Do you sell Heat-treated Gemstones?

It should be noted that most of the colored gemstones in the world and especially the Sapphires in the  world are heat treated. Gemstones which are not heat treated are extremely rare and fetch premium prices. Therefore, we offer both un-heated and heated Sapphires in our website in order to give our customers a wide range of selection to suit their needs.

We have clearly indicated whether a gemstone is heat treated in its description and also the certificate which accompanies a gemstone states whether a gemstone is heat treated or not.

We do NOT sell sapphires that are irradiated, diffused, glass filled, oiled or synthetic gemstones.

How does heat treatment affect the value of a stone?

Gemstones have been heat treated for centuries to enhance their color and clarity and the appearance of the finished gemstone. High quality un-heated Rubies and sapphires are very rare and only about 5% go un-treated out of the gemstones in the market. The value of heated Sapphires remain lower than the un-heated sapphires.

Do I see the actual photos and videos of the gemstone on Blue Elephant Gems?

Yes. All Gemstones you see are the images and videos of the actual gemstones for Sale. We sell only the stones we have at the moment and we do not sell the products of third parties. We guarantee that the stone in the image/video is the one you are purchasing. We never substitute the gemstones with similar stones.

Do you ship to a P.O. Box?

No. To protect our customers from fraud, regardless of the size of your order, all packages require a signature upon delivery

Are the customers responsible for import duties, tax or fees?

Yes. Customers are responsible for all customs duties, taxes and fees associated with international shipments. All our prices are exclusive of any duties, taxes and fees of the destination country.

What happens if an order is lost in the mail?

All your orders are insured. Therefore, you have no risk when you order from Blue Elephant Gems. Please note that FedEx shipments are fully insured and the EMS shipments are insured for a flat rate value. For larger orders it is recommended to use the FedEx express shipping.

Do I have to create an account and register with Blue Elephant Gems to purchase gems?

No. Registration or creating a customer account is not required to buy gemstones from our website. Anyone including private buyers, jewelry makers, retailers and wholesalers are welcome to purchase from our website. Registration and creating an account is completely optional.

What are the main things to consider when purchasing a gemstone?

Main points to consider when purchasing a gemstone are, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. These four elements are the main factors in valuing a gemstone and hence considered as the 4Cs.